The Country Music World Story

Mick & Jay had a vision to make the Australian Country Music Business a much more artist sustainable and economical driven industry for our truly talented artists, so they went into hiding and developed the world’s first OTT/Linear Live Streaming Country Music Channel, right here in Australia.

With the current technologies available around the world they decided to reshape Australian Country Music gets to the listener, now you can watch it 24/7 on any device you have laying around, in full 1080p HD quality.

  • App Development 100%
  • Brand Strategy 100%
  • Internet Marketing 89%
  • User Interaction 96%
  • Customer Happiness 95%

Customer Support

We have dedicated customer support officers ready to make sure you’re getting the quality service you deserve, and to help make sure you’re getting the absolute best out of your current CMW service.

Our Vision For Australia

With technology advancing so rapidly, Mick & Jay thought it was time to launch Australian Country Music towards the future, and create a cost effective platform that every single Australian can now access with ease.

Forward Thinking

By teaming up with some of largest tech companies around the world, CMW can now reach every Australian, every single day of the week, and provide a world class service for our Australian Country Music Artists.

Problem Solvers

Our specialist team members are always looking over our platform to ensure everyone is receiving the best quality content and services we can possibly give you.


The only music channel in the world playing 100% Australian country music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be part of the Australian Country Music future now!

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